Dec 19, 2016

From Brexit to APEC, Globalization and FinTech as the Future of Inclusion

Despite the retaliation towards globalization, it is more prudent to address its negative effects. The Straits Times quoted Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during APEC 2016. He said the key to moving forward is to “focus on supporting small businesses, digital trade, and services.” That way, the advantages of globalization will be spread more evenly and to more people. The answer is to put emphasis on financial inclusion – rather than a hindrance, globalization should be a catalyst for greater inclusivity, especially for SMEs. In tandem with proposed government efforts, the rise of FinTech platforms can also support financial inclusion.

Dec 05, 2016

Investing in a Post-US Election World

Investors are certainly reacting to the new US President-elect’s campaign rhetoric, which is widely expected to culminate in more protectionist policies. Yet all the market fluctuations also reflect anxiety for the future. What will the future hold regarding long-term market stability? Will the markets continue on their volatile streak? Or will they calm after a while? And given all this financial uncertainty, what should the typical investor do? One thing is clear: we need to prepare for a more unstable world. The best ways for investors to do so is by diversifying their portfolios, hunting for new investment opportunities, and staying calm.

Nov 24, 2016

8 Steps to Creating a Smart Financial Plan

Only a third of Singaporeans have a comprehensive financial plan. Only 11% feel knowledgeable about financial matters. Most feel that financial planning is too confusing, too complicated. However, the majority of those polled expressed a strong interest in budgeting, investing, and retirement planning. Here are eight simple steps to create a financial plan.

Nov 18, 2016

How Crowdfunding Is Making the World a Better Place

Crowdfunding may be a relatively new business model, but already it has left an indelible mark. Artists, writers, brave charity efforts, promising SMEs; to all these segments, crowdfunding has been a force for good. In fact, crowdfunding is making the world a better place.

Nov 15, 2016

Default Rates in Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms

Some investors believe that P2P Lending is unpredictable and higher-risk. Yet under the right circumstances, which includes an innovative team and rigorous credit policies, P2P platforms thrive and provide attractive returns while lowering default rates. In fact, according to a recent UK study, borrower defaults would need to increase at least threefold to reduce average interest rates for investors to below zero.

Nov 04, 2016

How P2P (Peer-to-peer) Financing Can Help Malaysian SMEs

Compared to bank loans, P2P financing (similar to business loans or working capital loans) provides competitive interest rates and requires no collateral. P2P financing is an ideal short-term credit solution for working capital needs, strengthening of business cash flows, expanding business operations, financing newly secured projects, equipment purchases and meeting operating expenses.

Nov 04, 2016

Why P2P (Peer-to-peer) Financing Should Be in Your Investment Portfolio

The P2P business model comes with three major advantages: Higher potential returns; Lower fees; Simple investment process. To achieve greater risk-adjusted returns, investors invest small amounts across many SMEs to diversify their investment portfolio.

Nov 02, 2016

Funding Gap: SMEs in Malaysia

According to a Deloitte study analyzing SME access to financing, there is still a large segment of underserved and unbanked businesses in Southeast Asia. Malaysia, in particular, faces this very predicament: 38% of Malaysian SMEs are unserved or underserved by banks and financial institutions.

Nov 02, 2016

The Search for Alternative Investment in Malaysia

Here’s the dilemma faced by the modern investor: current instruments are insufficient. Does one invest in stocks, which are volatile, can be highly risky, time-consuming, and require a certain amount of expertise? Or should one invest in investment funds, which despite their fees, are still considerably risky?

Oct 31, 2016

8 Things to Ask Yourself Before Applying for a Business Loan

These days, there are several resources available for business loans. But while the options exist, receiving funding is never easy – especially if you are part of a small business. Then there’s the evaluation bit. Lenders review your application thoroughly before they can deem you worthy and disburse the necessary funds. (For more information on the loan evaluation process, see this article).

July 01, 2016    Insuring Your Future

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